Five Tips for Manufacturer Success in SEMA360 


As with any event, preparation is essential for success. Manufacturers in SEMA360, the industry's new online event that will provide the industry with a B2B environment in the absence of the in-person SEMA Show, can increase their success by preparing in advance of the event taking place on November 2-6. Below, are a few tips to help SEMA360 manufacturers:  

  • Include the SEMA360 logo and a banner on your website. There are also Zoom backgrounds available for you to use. All resources are available at 
  • Email your customers directly to personally invite them to visit your Showcase page.  
  • Announce your participation in social media using #sema360. 
  • Schedule roundtable meetings so you can interact and engage with buyers.  
  • Designate and promote at least one day and time when you staff your Showcase page beyond the recommended hours of 9am–5pm (PDT) to accommodate and reach international buyers. (About 30% of all buyers signed up for SEMA360 are from outside the United States.)