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November 2-6, 2020


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SEMA360 was created to fulfill the industry's need to have a trade-only environment exclusively designed to connect attendees with new and well-known manufacturers of the world's most innovative automotive performance products.

There is no better online platform than SEMA360 for attendees to meet their 2020 business objectives, and no better time than now to start building your sales momentum toward 2021.

Day-to-day business production has changed drastically during the past seven months, and specialty-equipment companies have discovered creative ways to keep operations running and adapted to an inconsistent marketplace. In the interest of serving those companies and supporting the association's mission to help member businesses succeed and prosper, SEMA360 was created.

"Each year SEMA Week™ creates a community exchange of innovation, education and networking that sets the course of business for the following year," said Tom Gattuso, SEMA vice president of events. "During this year's SEMA Week™, Monday-Friday, November 2-6, the amount of content exchange and interaction between manufacturers, buyers and media will again be unmatched."

There are currently more than 600 manufacturers ready to offer an exclusive look at their newest products, highlight trendsetting vehicles and in-progress project builds, and meet with buyers through SEMA360.

Gattuso has also been contacted by retailers and resellers whose businesses have not stopped moving forward. Neither has the association. While there's no SEMA Show in 2020, SEMA360 was built to provide buyers with a viable marketplace that offers benefits like an in-person trade event.

"Industry buyers and manufacturers have made it clear that a marketplace is needed during this challenging year," said Gattuso. "Attendees will discover that SEMA360 has many of the same benefits and business opportunities as the SEMA Show, with a focus on new product intros, vehicle debuts, networking, and educational sessions."

For buyers and media, planning for SEMA360 is similar to the SEMA Show. For instance, at the SEMA Show, attendees can view a new product display, gather specs and a description, collect pictures and press material, and connect with the manufacturer on the Show floor. The same can be done through SEMA360 in a very efficient manner; including the direct connection to the manufacturer.

Here's a look at some more similarities between the SEMA Show and SEMA360:

  • The dates for SEMA360 and the week of the SEMA Show are the same, beginning Monday November 2, and concluding Friday, November 6.
  • The SEMA Show is open to the trade only. SEMA360 is the same: open to trade only.
  • The SEMA Show features qualified buyers and media. SEMA360 will feature qualified buyers and media.
  • The SEMA Show and SEMAS 360's main buyer benefits and takeaways are the same: finding new products and new ideas. The online platform is anchored with a robust New Products Showcase of more than 1000 products.
  • Industry-leading education sessions will be a main focus of SEMA360 and feature the relevant content participants in the in-person SEMA Show have grown to count on to build their businesses.
  • Vehicles, always a mainstay at the SEMA Show, are featured in a SEMA360 online Builder Showcase and in many of the 600+ Manufacturer Showcases so buyers and media can still spot trends and see products in application.
  • OEMs use the SEMA Show to announce new products, partnerships and initiatives. There are four OEMs ready to do the same this year.
  • Celebrities and notable industry icons are part of the fabric of the in-person Show. SEMA360 will also feature the insights and talents of many of these popular personalities.
  • Show-special deals will be integrated into many of the online manufacturer presentations, just as they are at the in-person SEMA Show.
  • Networking and connecting with industry colleagues can be facilitated as they are at the SEMA Show with virtual public and private meeting rooms with video and chat capability.

While SEMA360 is all online, it has been purpose-built to include the features SEMA Show visitors have grown to expect—all designed to connect the industry and help propel businesses into a successful 2021. Nowhere else will you find the level of industry participation: 600-plus Manufacturer Showcases, a New Products Showcase featuring 1,000 products, a Builder Showcase with hundreds of vehicles, industry-leading education with 50 seminars, and unmatched networking with thousands of industry buyers and media.

If you want to be part of the momentum and energy that is moving the industry forward into 2021, you need to be part of this year's SEMA Week™ and you need to be part of SEMA360.

As a 100% online event, SEMA360 will be available  from any  computer  with internet access. Join  the industry  on November 2-6, as the industry connects and conducts business.  Get the most out of the experience through the following tips: 

  • Get your work space ready for five days focused on new products and feature vehicles.  
  • Make sure you have a reliable computer. 
  • Prepare a spot on your hard drive to download brochures and sell sheets from manufacturers. 
  • Check your Internet connection. 
  • Have a camera, microphone and speakers on your computer so you can participate in optional video chats. 
  • Consider getting blue light glasses to ease the strain on your eyes. 
  • A comfortable chair will make the experience much more enjoyable.
  • Have a plan. Remember to schedule breaks when you get up and walk  around, and stretch your hands and fingers. Also, block times on your calendar to participate in the seminars you  don't want to miss, and for browsing the New Products Showcase, Builder Showcase and Manufacturer Showcase pages.  

New Products

New Products
Unrivaled Media Exposure

See the Industry's Most Innovative Products.

  • Plug into SEMA's vast network of worldwide manufacturers of automotive performance products and services.

  • View 2,200+ products in the New Products Showcase PLUS many more products from the 650+ Manufacturer Showcases.

  • Connect with manufacturing company staff to discuss the products and services that interest you.

Types of products you'll see:

Manufacturing companies are gearing up for SEMA360, where they will showcase new products for the automotive specialty-equipment industry and prepare to meet with resellers from all over the world. Below, are details on just some of the many specially priced products manufacturers that will be available only on SEMA360:

  • ORACLE Lighting will showcase new lighting products for the '20 Chevy Camaro and '19–'20 Chevy Silverado. Both the '20 Chevy Camaro SS/RS Oracle Colorshift RGB+A Headlight DRL Upgrade and the '19–'20 Chevy Silverado 1500 Oracle Colorshift RGB+W Headlight DRL Upgrade can make hundreds of different colors and dozens of patterns.
  • Redline Detection is introducing SpeedSmoke—a diagnostic leak detector designed to address the proliferation of boosted vehicles in the aftermarket. SpeedSmoke can pinpoint faults in naturally aspirated engines as well as pinpoint high pressure turbo, diesel, supercharged, boost leaks, with 100% reliability in just minutes.
  • Sharpline Converting Inc. will offer special discounted pricing on its latest products to buyers during SEMA360. The company manufactures roll striping, graphics, paint protection film and chemical protection products to every segment of the automotive industry.
  • Curt Group will showcase its newly introduced New Product Spotlight Page. With many new and unique products in store for the coming year, the New Product Spotlight Page will be the first to reveal CURT's new products and include photos, videos, key features for each product, custom vehicle builds, as well as downloadable key-feature fliers.
  • Diode Dynamics will have its new SSC2 2-in. LED Pod, featuring high-output intensity and designed for maximum functionality, with custom-engineered TIR optics shining in highly useful beam patterns. With four standard backlight options, these pods are a powerful light option that can be mounted virtually anywhere on a vehicle, including spots where LED Light Bars are not an option.
  • Supreme Suspensions is featuring its new 1.6-in. Ratchet Tie-Down Strap Kit. Made from professional-grade, high-tensile polyester with triple-stitched webbing, the Ratchet Tie-Down Strap Kit features a 1,460-lb. Safe Working Load and a 4,400-lb. Max Breaking Strength. Easy-to-use "S" hooks constructed of ASTM equivalent 1045 structural steel help to resist deformation and deflection under heavy loads. They are also stratch-resistant, waterproof and UV-protected.
  • AEM Performance Electronics will featuring its new VCU300, along with other new EV products, during SEMA360. The VCU300 is used on both the Ford Performance CobraJet1400 (the fastest door-slammer drag EV in the world), and the Huff Motorsports EV Dragter (the first EV dragster to eclipse 200 mph in the quarter-mile).
  • BlueDevil Products is showcasing its BlueDevil Gasket Sealer and its BlueDevil Radiator Flush. The gasket sealer will repair and seal leaks in blown head gaskets, warped or cracked heads, heater cores and freeze plugs. The radiator flush restores efficiency to vehicles by helping remove grease, rust, grime or any other buildup that occurs during normal vehicle use.
  • TRAK Machine Tools will feature its new Toolroom Machining Center and demonstrate how easy it is to transition from manual work, such asmachining a prototype or test piece in Toolroom Ops, to full production machining in Production Ops. It's a full feature three-axis machining center when you need to run low-volume production, and with the flip of a switch will work like its popular TRAK DPM.
  • Bully Dog and SCT Performance will offer SEMA360 specials and give away $50,000 in tuners as part of its Great Tuner Giveaway. Staff will showcase the SCT Livewire Vision Performance Monitor, and share information about the new vehicle coverage added to the SCT X4 Performance Programmer and the Bully Dog GT.
  • EMM Specialties/COLAD is launching the Colad UV Fast Curing System, an easy-to-use, lightweight system with a powerful UV light and a suite of associated products, such as body filler putties and PPE (gloves, goggles, etc). EMM will live-stream demos of the product from a booth that has been purpose-built for SEMA360 in an open studio space next to their offices.
  • 4WP Factory is introducing its new line of 4WP Factory Xtreme R/T tires, featuring a robust tread design and a three-ply sidewall intended to give the vehicle a rugged look while the firm side lugs protect from any sharp objects.
  • Challenger Lifts/Snap-on Total Shop Solution is showcasing its all-new VLE10 Versymmetric Car Lift. Featuring the popular economy-grade 10,000-lb. two-post lift, the VLE10 incorporates the Versymmetric Technology, which safely accommodates vehicles with either a symmetric or an asymmetric center of gravity using heavy-duty columns and arms.
  • Eagle Abrasives is promoting new Tolecut products, and new starter kits that make it easy to test-drive Eagle's total dry hi-tech sanding system from sandpaper to interface pads. The company is offering a free box of Hi-Tech Sanding Discs to those who purchase a Proma-X Sander from any jobber, and offering additional giveaways through its Instagram account.
  • XCLUTCH is showcasing its new 9.5-in. single-disc performance street and motorsport upgrades to suit VW Golf GTI MK-5, 6 and 7. The kits are designed and engineered to offer the ultimate balance between performance and drivability, and have been designed around XClutch's race-inspired alloy pressure plate that offers low pedal effort, increased clamping force and low rotational inertia. Also on display will be a range of 9.0-in. twin-disc upgrades for even higher torque capacity.
  • Morimoto Lighting is featuring LED headlights for the '09–'20 Nissan Frontier, updated LED headlights for the '18–'20 Ford F-150, LED taillights for the '10–'14 Ford Mustang and LED headlights for the '20-plus Ford F-250/F-350/F-450 Super Duty.
  • Intellitronix is featuring four new products: Ford Truck Super Duty '11–'16 F-250, F-350 Off-Road Lights FSL001, Chevy Truck '67–'72 Analog Gauge Panel AP6003, 6-Gauge Analog Universal Color Needles AP30002, and the 6-Gauge Analog Universal 3D Panel AP10002.
  • Vortech Superchargers is introducing a new system for the '20 Ford Mustang GT. Utilizing the venerable V-3 JT-Trim supercharger and an air-to-air charge cooler, the complete system can boost a stock 5.0 GT to 692HP and 584 LB/FT Torque with 7.5 to 8.5 PSI using CA 91 Octane fuel.
  • They will also feature its supercharging system for the Dodge Hemi and its Big Block Chevy V-30 Bracket.
  • Pareto Point Industries is offering special low prices for its TopDog-V Parallel-Flow Advanced Oil Filtration System, as well as adding a second premium advanced filter and six magnets with caps for additional capture of ferrous debris. The filtration system offers enthusiasts, off-roaders, racers and working vehicle owners/operators improved engine performance, increased mileage and provides environmental benefits.
  • T.V.K. Industries Inc. is featuring the new sensor system for SURESHIFTER and SUREMATIC illuminated gear selection shift knobs and levers. The system receives the gear selection input signal from a Dakota Digital GSS-3000 sensor device, which is then transmitted to the SURESHIFTER/SUREMATIC illuminated gear selection display in the shift knob or shift lever. A similar sensor device can now be retrofitted to multiple transfer case shifters for activating the RangeFindrPro LED illuminated gear selection shift knobs in off-road 4WD applications.
  • Metra Electronics Corporation is offering new dash kits for the '16–'20 Mazda CX-3 and the '19–'20 Toyota Yaris. The kits fit radios with an "L"-shaped chassis design with the radio chassis at the bottom of the screen, like the Alpine iLX-207. The kit is also compatible with Pioneer's 6.8-in. modular radios and has special brackets included for installation of the Pioneer DMH-C2550NEX and MNH-C2500NEX touchscreen in-dash receivers.



View the Latest Custom Creations From New and Famous Vehicle Builders.

  • See 330+ custom cars, trucks and UTVs, with images and videos calling out the products included in the build.

  • Connect with vehicle builders and manufacturers of products that interest you from within the Builder Showcase.

  • Builders may enter Feature Vehicles in the Builder Showcase.


Connect Globally

Meet with new and renowned manufacturers

  • Look for your next hot-selling products.

  • Lock-in product orders quickly to get the jump on your competition.

  • Connect with manufacturers from across the globe.

  • SEMA360 allows one-on-one dialog and group roundtables to connect you and your staff with worldwide manufacturers.

Types of products you'll see:


Participate in Industry-Leading Education

Participate in Industry-Leading Education

  • Take advantage of 30+ SEMA360 Education seminars focused on professional development and new strategies.

  • Boost staff skill sets and practical knowledge with education from industry experts.

  • Learn about best practices, new technology and the latest automotive trends to take your company to a whole new level of competitive strength.

A cool project vehicle will make the cover of magazines and even go viral on social media, but the builders are often the unsung heroes. Get to know and hear from some of the industry's top vehicle builders by taking part in a SEMA360 Education Seminar. Below are four seminars featuring builders as they share how they started in the industry, the challenges they've faced and what they see for the future. These sessions will help inspire other builders, while providing others in the industry with insight and knowledge as well. These seminars can only be found on SEMA360 and nowhere else.

Tuesday, November 3

9:00 a.m.–9:20 a.m. (PDT) – Brew Talks: Builders Edition
Moderator: Kyle Tucker, Detroit Speed and Engineering Inc.
Speakers: Sabra Johnson (City Classic Cars), Jeremiah Proffitt (Proffitt's Resurrection Land Cruisers)

Tuesday, November 3

10:00 a.m.–10:45 a.m. (PDT) – Off Road Builders Panel—Powered by TORA
Moderator: Sean Holman, MotorTrend Group
Speakers: Doug DeBerti (Deberti Design), Jeremiah Proffitt (Proffitt's Resurrection Land Cruisers), Sara "Bogi" Lateiner (Bogi's Garage)

Thursday, November 5

8:00 a.m.–8:45 a.m. (PDT) – Hot-Rod Builders Panel—Powered by HRIA
Moderator: Rick Love (Vintage Air Inc.)
Speakers: Bobby Alloway (Alloway's Hot Rod Shop), Brian Brennan (In The Garage Media), Kyle Tucker (Detroit Speed and Engineering Inc.)

Friday, November 6

10:00 a.m.–10:45 a.m. (PDT) – Automotive Restoration Builders Panel—Powered by ARMO
Moderator: Sabra Johnson (City Classic Cars)
Speakers: Steve Cook (Steve Cook Creations), Art Morrison (Art Morrison Enterprises), Dan Short (FantomWorks)

Consumers are surfing the Internet more than ever before. Manufacturers, distributers and resellers (both brick-and-mortar as well as eCommerce) must stay up-to-date on the fast-changing world of digital marketing in order to reach new and existing customers. During SEMA360, industry experts and leaders will share proven tips and best practices to take the headache out of digital marketing. Below are eight must-attend sessions that will help businesses improve SEO, reach more customers and increase sales. These seminars can only be found on SEMA360 and nowhere else.

Monday, November 2

10:00 a.m.-10:30 a.m. (PDT) – 4 Tips to Double Your Company's Annual Sales
Speaker: Richard Barsamian, Advanced Clutch Technology Inc.

2:00 p.m.-2:30 p.m. (PDT) – Sell Smarter: Maximize Online Profits – Powered by SDC
Moderator/Speakers: Gigi Ho, Sophia Cardona, Joe Sepeda, SEMA Data Co-op

5:00 p.m.-5:45 p.m. (PDT) – SEMA Launch Pad – Entrepreneur Business Competition
Host: Aaron Kaufman, Arclight Fabrication Co.

Tuesday, November 3

12:00 p.m.–12:30 p.m. (PDT) – Digital Marketing in 2021: What the Winners Are Doing
Speaker: Jim McKinley, (un)Common Logic

2:00 p.m.-2:30 p.m. (PDT) – Turning Great Ideas Into Strategies to Produce Real Results
Speaker: Mike Brown, The Brainzooming Group

Wednesday, November 4

12:00 p.m.-12:30 p.m. (PDT) – The Customer Journey: From Digital Onlooker to Repeat Buyer
Speakers: Katie Mares, Brand Experience Expert and Corey Perlman, ImpactSocialMedia.com

Thursday, November 5

10:00 a.m.-10:30 a.m. (PDT) – How to Protect Your Brand's Online Reputation
Speaker: Corey Perlman, ImpactSocialMedia.com

2:00 p.m.-2:30 p.m. (PDT) – Earning HER Business—Powered by SBN
Speaker: Katie Mares, Brand Experience Expert

Among the 500-plus manufacturers participating in SEMA360 include more than 100 in the Trucks, SUVs & Off-Road segment. Attendees will be able to discover what's new in the industry, while viewing product demonstrations and meeting with product specialists. During the week, attendees will also learn about new technologies and trends in the off-road industry and discover new opportunities by attending seminars specifically targeting the off-road community. Members of the truck and off-road industry are encouraged to mark their calendars for the following SEMA360 seminars that can only be found on SEMA360 and nowhere else:

Tuesday, November 3

10:00 a.m.–10:45 a.m. (PDT) - Off-Road Builders Panel—Powered by TORA Join MotorTrend Group's Sean P Holman as he moderates a panel of manufacturers and off-road builders to share trends, identify market opportunities and discuss the realities of custom and performance truck and off-road builds.

Wednesday, November 4

10:00 a.m.–11:00 a.m. (PDT) - Off-Road 2.0: Performance Technology and Lifestyle Trends—Powered by TORA Attendees with learn about the newest off-road technologies and trends impacting product development and business opportunities, and hear directly from industry leaders and experts on the frontlines of off-road performance and lifestyle trends.

Additionally, truck and off-road professionals are invited to visit the Truck and Off-Road Alliance (TORA) Showcase page. TORA is a SEMA council dedicated to helping businesses in the truck and off-road industry advance and succeed. The council discusses and develops programs that address common challenges, upcoming trends and opportunities. Council resources and leadership will be available on the TORA Showcase in SEMA360.

To learn more about SEMA360 or to participate, visit www.sema360.com.



Connect Virtually

  • Make essential connections online with suppliers, builders and colleagues that will have a lasting impact on you and your business in a private trade-only environment.

  • Connect and move your business forward with video meetings that allow you to share screens, chat and collaborate.

  • Video chat one-to-one or create a roundtable discussion for the best online networking experience available today.


Welcome Area: Site orientation and how to get the most out of your SEMA360 experience.
Interests: Specify categories of interest to get site recommendations on relevant products, companies, education seminars and more.
Manufacturers: Search an elite list of manufacturers to view products, demo videos, download company collateral and connect live with staff.
New Products Showcase: Search a large variety of products with photos, descriptions and links to connect with manufacturer company staff and learn more.
Feature Vehicle Gallery: See the hottest custom creations with builder names, build sheets and links back to the Manufacturer Showcase page for more information.
SEMA360 Education: Choose from 30+ industry leading education seminars and interact via live chat with presenters or stream seminars at your leisure.
Networking: Connect with peers, manufacturers and industry-leaders one-on-one and in roundtable discussions.

SEMA360 Pricing

SEMA360 Pricing

Attendee Registration:

  • SEMA-member attendees: Free
    Nonmember attendees: $25



No, SEMA360 is a trade industry only marketplace.

The following business categories do not qualify to participate in SEMA360:

  • Accounting firms
  • Consumers
  • Freight providers
  • Graphics companies (non-automotive)
  • Exhibition industry service companies
  • Insurance agents
  • Law firms
  • Modeling agents/agencies
  • Packaging companies
  • Printers
  • Promotional products companies
  • Software companies (non-automotive specific)
  • Travel agencies
  • Any non-automotive company

You will need to prove that your business or the company you register under is a current and legitimate automotive specialty-equipment business, and you must provide proof that you are currently employed within the automotive aftermarket industry. You may be required to provide 1 item from Group A and 1 item from Group B to determine if you qualify.

Group A

  • A picture of your business card (company name, address and your personal name must correspond with the information in your registration. Must include your job title. (Digital renderings of your card are not acceptable.)
  • Two recent paycheck stubs to verify employment (company name and your personal name must appear on payment stub or receipt).
  • Business photo I.D. (must include company name, your photo, and your personal name).

Group B

  • Current and valid business license (if you have not already provided as part of the registration process).
  • Valid tax registration certificate or business registration (if you have not already provided as part of the registration process).

Each person who registers must have their own unique email address to complete online registration. It must be a valid email address, where their confirmation can be sent. Business or company email addresses are preferred. If a company shares one email address, registration will not be able to be completed.

SEMA360 opens at 9:00 am PST on Monday, November 2, 2020, and remains open thru Friday, November 6, 2020, at 4:00 pm PST. Approved registrants will have 24-hour access to SEMA360 during that time. Interaction with manufacturers, educational speakers, etc., is available only throughout the hours listed below*.

Monday, November 2, 9:00a-5:00p

Tuesday, November 3, 9:00a-5:00p

Wednesday, November 4, 9:00a-5:00p

Thursday, November 5, 9:00a-5:00p

Friday, November 6, 9:00a-4:00p

*Hours are PST. Response times may vary.

SEMA360 is a trade-only industry event; it is not open to consumers or the general public. If you are a member of the media, or an employee of a company that is qualified to attend the SEMA Show or SEMA360, you can register for SEMA360 here.

Online buyer registration is free to all qualified media and SEMA-member manufacturer companies and company personnel, and $25 USD per person for nonmembers. Non-Exhibiting Company (NEM) registration is $200 per person and registration is limited to 2 individuals from each company for no more than 2 years. Financial Service Company (FIN) registration is $200 per person.

We accept credit card and debit card payments (American Express, Mastercard, Visa, Discover or Debit Card). Sorry, NO CASH OR CHECKS ACCEPTED.

If you were registered and were approved for the 2020 SEMA Show and have not changed company, job title or contact information—such as your telephone number, address or email—you may not be required to show proof of employment and involvement in the automotive aftermarket industry again.

You should have received a pre-approval email when registration for SEMA360 opened online. You can use the link in the pre-approval email to submit your registration for SEMA360.

Registration fees for the 2020 SEMA Show have already been refunded. We cannot "roll over", credit or transfer your 2020 SEMA Show registration or registration fees. If you wish to participate in SEMA360, you will need to register and provide payment information for your registration online (registration fees for SEMA360 are free to SEMA member company personnel and $25 USD for non-SEMA members).

Yes. Once approved, an individual link, instructions, and a password will be sent to the email address provided during the registration process. This allows each person to participate from their personal computer or device. Links and passwords cannot be used by more than one person or device at a time.

No. Guests are not eligible for participation in SEMA360. If your colleague wishes to participate, they will need to register and qualify to participate. Log-on information cannot be shared or used by more than one person or device at a time.

No. The company you are employed by does not have to be a SEMA-member in order for you to participate in SEMA360, but you do have to hold a qualified position and work within the automotive industry. Nonmembers will not receive the discounted Manufacturer Showcase or registration pricing discounts. The SEMA360 registration process requires you to provide proof that you own a business or are currently employed within the automotive industry.

No. Even if you are a SEMA-member, you will still need to be qualified to participate in SEMA360. The same qualification process will apply to members as it does to nonmembers.

You may view the available seminars and register for them during the online registration process. If you have already registered and would like to add seminars, you may log-on to your registration dashboard or use the shortcut link in your registration confirmation e-mail. Once you are in your dashboard you can click on "View current staff & add SEMA Seminar" to add seminars.

You may take advantage of the "Add Another" feature when registering more than 1 individual with the same company. If you have already registered and now wish to add your employee(s) you can return to your registration dashboard by using the shortcut link in your registration confirmation e-mail.

All registration records must have their own unique email address to complete registration. The registration system will not accept duplicate email addresses. A confirmation will be sent to each individual's email address. If a company shares one email address, registration will not be able to be completed. No exceptions.

No. Neither Show Management nor Customer Service can take your information over the phone. No exceptions. You must register online and provide payment as well as any documents required to prove you are qualified to participate in SEMA360.

Media registration applicants may be required to submit qualifying materials. For information on how to qualify for participation in SEMA360, please call 909-978-6722 or email juant@sema.org.

If you have questions that are specific to registration or require assistance with your registration, please contact customer service Monday-Friday, 9:00 am –5:00 pm, CENTRAL TIME, toll-free at (866) 229-3687 (within the US), or international callers please dial direct +1 (224) 563-3154, or email SEMA360@csreg.zohodesk.com

Please contact customer service Monday-Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, CENTRAL TIME, toll-free at (866) 229-3687 (within the US), or international callers please dial direct +1 (224) 563-3154, or email SEMA360@csreg.zohodesk.com or RegMgr@sema.org.

No one under the age of 16 is permitted to register for SEMA360.

Spouses are not eligible to register for SEMA360.

Students are not eligible to register for SEMA360. Instructors who can prove employment with an educational institution related to the automotive industry may register as a non-buyer under the registration category (AEG) Association Education Government and during online registration, payment information is required for the $25 registration fee.

Start your SEMA360 plans today: